Become a Long Term Care Ombudsman Volunteer!

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program helps residents assert their civil and human rights. The Ombudsman Program seeks volunteers to visit long term care facilities in their communities to empower and help residents resolve complaints.

Complaints can range from cold food or a missing sweater, to more serious issues such as inadequate staffing levels, accidental injuries, misuse of medication, or abuse. Volunteers must complete a training course established by the Office of State Long Term Care Ombudsman and attend ongoing in-service training.

Volunteer ombudsmen increase residents' awareness of the program. They increase community awareness and contribute various skills such as bilingual assistance and sign language.

Residents better acquaint themselves with and trust volunteer ombudsmen who are frequent visitors to the facility. Ombudsmen volunteers must have skills in communication, problem solving, empathy and good judgment.

Download the brochure, Become a Long-Term Care Volunteer Ombudsman (PDF, 86 KB) that explains what an ombudsman is and how to volunteer.


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