To report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of persons living in a long term care facility,


To file a complaint against a long term care facility,

call the Illinois Department of Public Health, which operates a Central Complaint Registry to record and investigate complaints regarding hospitals, nursing facilities and home health agencies and the care or lack of care of the patients.

Nursing Home Hotline: 800-252-4343, 1-800-547-0466 (TTY). Due to the high volume of calls, it is highly recommended that you submit complaints electronically at

For more information on nursing homes, see the Nursing Homes section of the Illinois Department of Public Health web page.

Help for patients who believe they have been inappropriately discharged from a hospital...

The Illinois' Peer Review Organization helps when patients believe they have been inappropriately discharged, provides up-to-date information about hospital rights and treatment and ensures that Medicare consumers receive appropriate, high-quality medical care in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Patients' Rights: Telligen Quality Improvement Organizations.

Illinois Telligen Consumer Hotline:Consumer Hotline: 1-800-647-8089.


For more information on the Pioneer Approach to Long Term Care and the Illinois Long Term Care Ombudsman program, see also:

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